The customer: Jo Tilkin, business manager

“We have been working with iConnect for more than 10 years - a tailor-made company that thinks along and can empathize with our needs and activities. For the telephones in the studio, where the noise level is around 110 decibels, they have, for example, developed a handy solution with an audible ring signal and flashing light. And if you call the help desk, you will not end up in an anonymous call center. The person you are talking to knows us, knows how we work and can then take action quickly and in a targeted manner.
Since we moved into our new building, we have switched to a telephone exchange in the cloud - a conscious choice to save costs. But what is especially useful is the app that goes with it. As a result, all calls are made, also from my iPhone and even when I am abroad via the exchange. My conversation partners do not see my cell phone number - I am in the office for them; I can reach everyone in the company with one tap on my smartphone; I can remotely forward or transfer calls internally; and perhaps there are more options that I have yet to discover, because this tool can do a lot. That is a real added value. "

Tilkin Powder Coatings

Tilkin Powder Coatings in Tongeren has been specializing in the surface treatment of metal structures for more than 20 years. They radiate, metallize and powder coating steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Their customers are primarily producers of gates, fencing, railings, stairs, radiators, visible metal building elements, etc. But they also handle machines, car and motorcycle parts or street furniture. And they do that for both professional and private customers. They are good for more than 5,000 orders a year.
Since its founding, the company from Tongeren has experienced continuous growth - to the extent that expansion was necessary. In 2018, therefore, a new building and completely new machinery were put into use. Since then, Tilkin Powder Coatings owns the largest baking oven in the Benelux and can handle constructions up to 18 meters. Communication with the customer takes place digitally via an online order platform. Unique is the inspiration room, where customers and architects can get to know more than 650 colors and textures.