Our alarm server processes alarms between your cloud solution and alarm systems. For example, alarms from sensors, pushbuttons, incoming mails or fire alarm panels can be processed and forwarded. Alarms can arrive on your fixed devices, your wireless DECT devices, your interactive app on your smartphone, by text message or simply by e-mail. Our alarm server can be installed both locally and in our cloud. We carry out a thorough analysis of your needs and work out a completely customized solution. Alarms can be very different, ranging from fire risk, process monitoring, production processes to patient calls. It is important that you do not lose time and no alarms are lost. The alarms are processed according to an escalation plan drawn up together with you. Alarms must not only be confirmed but also logged so that you can check them afterwards. Via the web interface you can manage the alarm server remotely. The alarm management consists of different levels so that appropriate management can be assigned to different users.