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Telephony via the internet makes your company ready for the future!

iConnect provides VoIP telephony. Calling via the internet, without a fixed telephone exchange. That’s more flexible, cheaper and always up to date. Now that’s freedom!

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over IP, often also called internet telephony, internet calling, SIP, VoIP calling or internet calling. It is a collective name for technologies for telephoning via IP networks. With VoIP you are no longer bound to one location. You can call your landline wherever there is internet. Spoken words (analogue) are converted to a digital signal. The digital signals are delivered to the receiver via an IP connection in a suitable form so that he or she can hear the words.

You save on your telecom invoice

You no longer have to invest in an expensive IT infrastructure or telephone exchange. From now on, use an existing, shared infrastructure and only pay for your actual use. In addition, enjoy our advantageous rates for both fixed and mobile telephony.

You can be reached more easily

Your virtual telephone exchange and server are in the cloud. You have everything on hand anytime and anywhere: data, telephone, chat, email traffic, ... wherever you are! So you can work from anywhere. We also manage your fixed and mobile calls. If there is a problem, you know where to find us. One central point of contact and you get helped within minutes.

Your personal help desk

Do you have a question? Do you want to add an account? Do you need additional telephone lines? Call our help desk. Our specialists know you, your company and your needs. They are always ready for you. One personal contact for all your telecom questions.

Flexible solution

Are you expanding? Are you moving? Are you opening a second or third office? You focus on your business and do not have to worry about IT or telecom issues. We do that in an instant. Just a matter of some setting and an adjustment of your service contract, because the infrastructure is already there long before you thought of adjusting your business.