Personal alarm for aggression

The personal safety of healthcare personnel is becoming increasingly important due to the increasing aggression from patients and visitors. Our solution proves its strength in all situations where an accurate location of the person in need is required during an emergency call. In the event of an attack in a psychiatric facility, a request for help in a healthcare facility or an emergency in a research laboratory, accurate localization is an indispensable part of the security concept.

The person in need activates an alarm and everyone is immediately informed about how, where and when an emergency call was launched. The people who come to the rescue confirm the alarm, so that the person in need receives a confirmation. This lets him know that his distress call has been accepted and help is on the way. Discreet communication is extremely important in an aggressive situation. For these situations, the person can discreetly launch the alarm without the aggressor noticing. Likewise, the confirmation that help is on the way will be discreetly done by 2 short vibrations. This solution is ideal for delicate situations. We do not include our other solutions that use portable DECT devices or apps on smartphones, because if the aggressor sees that a portable device is taken, this can only escalate the situation. Discretion is extremely important here.

The personal security system is a completely wireless radio system with direct transmission from the person in need to the security personnel or colleagues. To increase security, the network has been constructed completely redundantly, so that in the event of a repeater failure, the network dynamically restores itself. We also use our own radio frequencies, so we are not dependent on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or 5G. Every part of the solution is equipped with batteries so that everything continues to work in the event of a complete power failure. Every time the device is removed from the charger, a safety test follows, which also ensures that the device is working correctly. In addition to an alarm button, you can also use a dead man’s alarm, man down alarm and anti snatch alarm.