Web portal via the cloud

From your personal web portal you manage the telephone book, you see the status of your employees and you chat with them, you configure your device and you do so much more. Wherever you are, you always have access to the portal so that you can intervene directly in a flexible manner. In addition, you have the opportunity at any time and at any time to take, switch or redirect calls, allowing you to quickly and efficiently process a large number of calls. This is useful at unexpected peak times. But also in daily use it offers you a professional and user-friendly toolbox. Collaboration gets a new meaning thanks to your web portal. Via your web portal you can also hold a videoconference, using your webcam or holding a meeting with support for desktop sharing.

Communication via the cloud

Calling via the internet, everything fully customized, flexible and very user-friendly.

App via the cloud

Through an integrated app you can use your smartphone as a fully-fledged system device.

CRM via the cloud

For both outgoing and incoming calls, connect applications on your PC with customer data.