Data Storage

For most companies data is their most important capital. Reason enough to keep them in a safe place and still make them accessible to you from anywhere in the world. We offer you the combination of safety and flexibility that fits your company profile. A local data store stores data quickly and in large quantities. You store both your company data and the images of your security cameras. We copy this local data storage permanently to a second data storage location that is located for example, at your home. This gives you a geographically separated copy, which greatly reduces the risk of data loss. This way we can also make this data available on your smartphone or your desktop wherever you are. If these solutions do not meet your needs, we can set up your own data cloud server for you. Then users can read, edit, retrieve, synchronize and share files between their desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or via the web. Files on your computer are automatically (protected) synchronized with your smartphone and tablet. In this way there is always a backup of the data from your laptop on your server and you always have them with you on the road.