Interactive Apps

An app on a smartphone offers a targeted solution for industries, healthcare institutions and hospitals, because it can be customized. We conduct a thorough analysis of your needs and work out a fully customized solution. We configure the app per department or per user if necessary. Pages, buttons, images can be used freely. Each key can be assigned an action or a series of actions. For example, you can change the status of a hotel room, answer a care call, acknowledge an alarm, activate yourself or leave your service. The possibilities of integration and the solutions that arise from this are almost inexhaustible. Messages, speech, photos and live video streaming can also be integrated. For example, in the event of a care call, the resident can speak directly and possibly see it live, or show the accompanying images in the event of an alarm. By combining different localization techniques, we know the location of the user, both inside and outside the buildings. We can see where everyone is on live geo-boards. This way, you can immediately call the nearest specialist or expert in an emergency.