APP via the cloud

Wherever you are, you are always available. If you wish to work with a fixed device, this unit can be at home, on the premises or even abroad for a temporary project or a long holiday. Are you on the go then you use your app on your smartphone. Your app always uses an available data connection such as WiFi, 3G or 4G. This allows you to use your fixed line of business and always call free of charge, also abroad if roaming or WiFi is available. Only when you are in a place where no data connection is possible, the app uses a paying GSM connection. Your app is so much more than an internal device. The app gives you a whole range of possibilities thanks to freely programmable function keys. For example, you can make an intercom call to a group of employees via their loudspeaker. You can also use functions that directly interact with your cloud system, eg putting your system on standby manually because an exceptional situation occurs. In short: the app ensures that you retain full control even if you are on the go.

Communication via the cloud

Calling via the internet, everything fully customized, flexible and very user-friendly.

Web portal via the cloud

Manage everything from your web portal, check the status of your employees, chat, organize videoconferences, and so much more.

CRM via the cloud

For both outgoing and incoming calls, connect applications on your PC with customer data.