Your network is more than just a physical connection between a few PCs. The entire infrastructure is built around the network. Every product, every application uses THE network. The requirements of your network therefore change constantly. If you connect new elements without managing them, there is a good chance that conflicts will arise. Cameras with a high resolution cause a large flow of data streams. If these conflict with a telephone conversation, this conversation may become unintelligible. Or the network is painfully slow. Networks are becoming increasingly complex. For safety reasons, this connection must be immediately secured by a firewall. In addition to the wired network, a wireless network is also possible. We ensure that your entire network is neatly integrated and also manage it so that all components work together smoothly. Both the wired network and the wireless network are managed for you. The new generation of firewalls are designed to maximize safety. They are constantly updated automatically so that they can withstand new threats. Deep packet inspection, or DPI, not only looks at connection data of individual network packets, but also at the entire network stream and the contents of the packets. This means that viruses, spam and intruders are better detected.