Asset management

Equipment such as beds, wheelchairs, ECG monitors, linen, scanners, infusion pumps, etc. must be immediately available in a hospital for it to function optimally. Of course, one can provide extra material in the hope that there is always enough available. But where is the available material when it is needed? And is the material also cleaned or repaired in time? In order to increase efficiency and keep the amount of material at an economically sound level, it must be managed. We provide each part with an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and GS1 barcode. Both a sheet and a scanner or bed get their own identification and RFID. Because of this we will identify and trace the material car. We know the location and availability at any time. Via a web interface you have a complete overview of the material with the associated details. Personnel have an app to identify the material and change its status if it is put into use or if it needs to be cleaned or repaired. This also means that the maintenance service always knows what needs to be done and where they can find the material.

  • Direct location of material = 90% shorter search time
  • Increase bed capacity = effective capacity increase by + 10%
  • Accurate inventory = prevents incorrect purchases
  • Lower rental costs = reduces the rental of special equipment
  • Better control = less loss and better equipment management
  • Efficient inventory management = reduces waiting times due to unavailability of equipment
  • Faster completion of the pick-up list = getting the right equipment on time
  • More efficient maintenance = increased availability through timely maintenance
  • Concrete savings through lower rental costs, lower replacement costs. Average reduction of critical equipment by 15% per year