Communication via the cloud

Calling via the internet, everything fully customized, flexible and very user-friendly. That's what our cloud solution stands for. No more telephone exchange, but everything in one place in the cloud, easily accessible, anywhere in the world. In addition to the functions of a traditional telephone exchange, you also get a whole range of unified communication solutions that up until now were only available after major investments in large installations. You only pay for what you use. Your solution is fully scalable from 2 to 2000 users, depending on your needs. For example, temporary extensions, for example; a project or event are also possible. No long-term investments with expensive maintenance, but an efficient service that is further developed on a daily basis. You are no longer tied to an investment with stiff expansion possibilities and you have the option to shrink if necessary. Automatically new functions are added to further increase the comfort and user-friendliness of your communication platform. The combination of your fixed or portable device, your app on your smartphone and your web interface gives you a whole new rich communication experience. You will not only be more accessible, but you will also be able to receive your customers more professionally. No call will be lost - wherever you are.

Web Portal via the cloud

Manage everything from your web portal, check the status of your employees, chat, organize videoconferences, and so much more.

App via the cloud

Through an integrated app you can use your smartphone as a fully-fledged system device.

CRM via the cloud

For both outgoing and incoming calls, connect applications on your PC with customer data.