On your PCs and servers you can find a wealth of valuable information that is indispensable for you. How do you lose data? Technical defect, human error, fire, theft, unwanted lockers, viruses, ... Creating regular backups of these critical files is therefore an absolute necessity. You can’t forget this by using automatic backups. But it remains advisable to regularly check whether the backups are complete and correct. Our systems automatically back up at regular intervals. They only keep track of the changes, which means that a full backup can be limited to a few minutes. They save your data for several days so you can always go back a few weeks. With our online backup solution, your data is sent daily to, for example, our data center. The best approach, on the other hand, is a mixed solution whereby the system saves the data with changes first in your own network (offline) and then forwards it to an external data center (online) or to another location, eg at your home or at a second location . Whatever happens, you will always have a full back-up of all your data.