Surveillance cameras

You always want to be able to check what happens in and around your buildings? We place high-performance surveillance cameras, make them accessible from your smartphone, laptop or tablet and nothing escapes you. And if that does happen, we have saved the images for you. You can view these images whenever you want. Sharp images in total darkness are perfectly possible thanks to infrared radiators that completely escape the naked eye. If this does not work, you can also work with thermal cameras. They measure the temperature and make images with this information. There are multiple solutions for each application. Identifying number plates of passing cars to secure car parks or other places? Tracking moving objects with the help of a radar? Count people who are moving within a building? Counting people who are present in a particular building at a given time? Digital cameras and their analysis can provide an answer to all these questions. Cameras help increase your safety. In addition, it is possible to store the information of the camera images together with the receipt.