The customer – Carl Matthys, business manager

“Thanks to the telephone exchange in the cloud, our telephone bill has been significantly reduced. I now call from anywhere in the world at local rates, and internal calls are free. The app linked to this ensures that we can make internal transfers much more easily and are more available. Already at the second ringing tone, my landline phone switches to my cell phone, wherever I am ... and whoever calls me does not even know that I may not be in the office. Really handy! ”
“If there is a problem somewhere, we call the help desk. There, unlike the large operators, where you are sometimes kept on the line for half an hour before being connected to an anonymous call center operator from a call center - we are immediately helped by a competent employee from iConnect itself. ”
“We have had intercoms with integrated cameras installed at the main entrance and at the port at the loading bays. As a result, we see who is at the door or gate and we can remotely call the visitor or refer him to the other entrance, should he have ringed in a wrong location. "

Eurodesign Collections

Feel good Work better - At Eurodesign Collections it is all about sitting healthy and moving at the office. Since 1992 they have been passionate about sitting ergonomics. After all, feeling good at work starts with a good sitting position and actually everything revolves around movement. "We bring movement to sitting work," says manager Carl Matthys, "because prolonged sitting or standing is very stressful for the back." They select the best ergonomic sit-stand solutions from different manufacturers and are therefore not brand specific. Testing and scanning can be done in the showroom in Merelbeke or on location at customers.

In addition, they have been agents for HOWE ( and LINTEX ( in Belgium and Luxembourg since 2011. Both Scandinavian collections are focused on the project market and are sold through architects and leading office furnishers.