The customer: Dirk Vandriessche, manager

“All we have as a communication company are the files that we have stored on our server. It is very reassuring to know that they are automatically backed up to iConnect's servers several times a day, because that way they cannot possibly be lost ... even if a fire breaks out in the office. Moreover, these files can be accessed quickly and easily from anywhere. That also gives you a sense of security, because as soon as you have an internet connection, you actually have everything you could need. In short: the perfect combination of enormous flexibility and robust data security. Handy, right? And if we ever have a problem, we simply call the help desk and we are immediately helped with competent and friendly assistance. If necessary - and that happens sometimes, because we really have not eaten cheese from IT - they simply take over our screen and do the necessary interventions remotely.
With our telephone exchange, we recently also switched to the cloud in order to be just as flexible for our telephone calls. You can make calls, receive calls or transfer calls from anywhere as if you were sitting behind your screen at the office, even from abroad! That is handy and financially interesting."

Talking Circles

As a full-service communication agency, Talking Circles has specialized in multilingual business communication. They help SMEs and multinational companies identify their communication needs and come up with appropriate solutions in the context of a strategic plan. Together with their customers, they develop the most suitable means of communication to reach the right target group at the right time. And unexpectedly a colleague of the communication team drops out? Or is extra support needed for a specific project? Then they provide the necessary day-to-day support and simply work with their client's team.