The client: Trudo Carlier, manager

“Anyone can deliver telephone lines. But it is only when something goes wrong that you can distinguish yourself. Our travel advisors work with both landline and DECT telephones. The 15 telephone lines via the switchboard in the cloud work smoothly. But if something fails, there is a very quick and efficient response. This is important because our customers are scattered throughout Flanders and call us when they have questions. Our telephones never stand still. We must therefore be permanently available, and we are. And that gives a good feeling. That is why we have been a iConnect customer for 10 years and will stay that way. ”

De Blauwe Vogel

With the introduction of a coach service from Marseille, the success story of "De Blauwe Vogel" already started in 1609. More than 400 years and 18 generations later, the company in Sint Truiden has become the most idiosyncratic travel agency in Flanders. They only offer group tours that they compile themselves and guide with their own Dutch-speaking guides. Travelers receive all information during theme days in the company-owned auditorium in Sint Truiden. Their customers (usually via the internet - around 40,000 a year!) Come from all over Flanders. Because of these large volumes, "De Blauwe Vogel" can offer trips at prices that you cannot find online. No ordinary travel agency.