Video Conference Room

A conference call is a telephone conversation in which someone talks to several people at the same time. You can now hold a meeting remotely by having everyone dial in. But a remote meeting with a video image is sometimes even more convenient. It gives an extra dimension to the meeting because you see each other and can also show each other work related things. Everyone has the feeling that he is part of the video meeting. You need a video conference room or a central virtual meeting room. Just as with the conference bridge without a picture, you can also let both internal and external users dial in. You then send everyone an e-mail invitation with a built-in link to the video conference room. This way you can see several users simultaneously in your web portal. A videoconference can already be setup starting at two users. We support this function for both Mac and Windows computers.

Unified Communication

Chatting, videoconferencing, conference calls, when- and wherever you wish.

Desktop Sharing

Sharing each other's screen for different purposes.

Conference Bridge

Set up a remote meeting for both internal and external users.